2002 October 24 Thursday
Secure beneath The Watchful Eyes in London UK

Check out this poster that Perry de Havilland of Samizdata.net found in London. Does anyone know whether the Metropolitan Police of London decided that a caricature of an Orwellian poster would be a good idea? In other words, is this authentic propaganda of the UK government or someone's idea of political protest?

Update: Also see the same eyes used on the main page of the London Transport site. Clicking thru the London Transport site one reaches this lovely page:

Always watching over you

CCTV is now fitted on all new buses. CCTV not only protects drivers and conductors, but also plays a major role in keeping passengers secure. It provides evidence in the event of an incident and acts as a deterrent to likely offenders.

In addition to all the new buses, in 2002/2003 we will be fitting CCTV to 1000 existing buses and the entire fleet will have CCTV fitted within 3 years.

Here is another street view of the "Secure beneath The Watchful Eyes" poster.

Here's a rather milder Croydon Looking after you sign.

Also, Perry de Havilland of Samizdata has an follow-up.

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