2002 October 24 Thursday
Charles Duelfer Supports Out Of Iraq Interviews

There is just no way Saddam's weapons scientists are going to be truthful as long as they are in Iraq. They do not want to be tortured or killed by Saddam or have their families tortured or killed. But one of the matters for debate in the UN Security Council over Iraq inspections is the question of removing Iraqi weapons scientists from Iraq with their families to be interviewed:

One person who encouraged the U.S. approach was Charles Duelfer, deputy executive director of the previous U.N. inspection team who, in the late 1990s, said he had suggested to the Clinton administration that "if I had 100 green cards to distribute," referring to permanent residency permits, "I could get to the bottom of Iraq's weapons program."

Duelfer said his view now is that the U.N. inspectors should "interview the few hundred key scientists, engineers and technicians who were involved in the previous weapons of mass destruction efforts and have them account for their activities since December 1998." He said that Iraqi government observers should not be present and "the U.N. should offer sanctuary or safe haven to those who find it a condition for speaking the truth."

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