2002 October 24 Thursday
Iraq UNSC Resolution Timing And War

The US has the problem that it needs to start its war against Iraq by March of 2003 before it becomes too hot. The amount of time discussed for the inspection process might not allow the US to declare the Iraqis in violation of the inspections rules for over 3 months. That puts the start of the war into March. The US would be better off sticking with a strongly worded UN Security Council Resolution so that it would be vetoed by the French or Russians. That way the war could start much sooner:

The resolution's current timetable would require that Iraq formally agree to the terms of inspections within seven days of the resolution's adoption and file a "full and complete" declaration on the status of its weapons program within the following 23 days. The inspectors would then have an additional 15 days to resume their inspections in Iraq.

The chief U.N. weapons inspector, Hans Blix, would then have as many as 60 more days before he would be required to report to the council. But he would not be prohibited from reporting Iraqi violations before the 60-day deadline.

I suspect the Bush team may not mind the delay caused by the current diplomatic negotiations because it gives them more time to get ready. But the problem is that if the negotiations result in a UN resolution that can pass with the language the Bush team wants about force then this could work against the US as too much time is built into the resolution.

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