2002 October 23 Wednesday
Why North Korea Is Different From Iraq

The claim here is that an invasion of North Korea would result in many dead South Koreans:

It's not hard to see why the North Korea script is so different from the standoff with Iraq: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirmed Thursday that the U.S. believes North Korea already has two bombs built from plutonium produced before the 1994 agreement took its reactors offline. It may also have as much as 500 tons of chemical and biological agents. But even without unconventional weapons, North Korea's artillery and medium-range missiles give it the capability to flatten most of Seoul in a matter of minutes. Analysts suggest that an all-out war along the Korean frontier could cost a million lives on both sides. And those in the frontline the South Koreans and Japanese have stressed they have no desire for confrontation with Pyongyang.

Will James Baker's suggestion of UN sanctions work to compel North Korea to give up its nukes? Or is it at least possible to use sanctions to force North Korea to stop exporting weapons technology to the Middle East? Will China work to undermine US attempts to stop that trade?

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