2002 October 23 Wednesday
Anthrax Attack Not By Rogue Scientist

The equipment needed to create such high quality anthrax powder would have cost in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars:

The notion that a single, renegade scientist secretly could have created the weapon has been shot down by Dr. Richard O. Spertzel, the former head of the biology section of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq. On Sept. 18, in London's Financial Times, Dr. Spertzel argued, "I've heard nothing that has changed my mind." Spertzel is persuaded the anthrax attack involved active state support: "You could not possibly make that quality of product in a clandestine fashion. It's not the sort of thing you can do in your garage or in your basement."

The world will be a much more dangerous place when the cost of the needed equipment inevitably drops by orders of magnitude.

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