2002 October 22 Tuesday
Mark Steyn On Psychobabble and the DC Shootings

Mark Steyn examines the TV talking heads experts and the large quantity of nonsense that TV experts dish out:

That's the trouble with this approach. Everything that seems to point in one direction could also point in the opposite direction. The tarot card left at one murder scene would appear to suggest the sniper isn't an Islamic terrorist. On the other hand, "Dear policeman, I am God" doesn't sound like someone whose first language is American English. "Policeman" is not a word in common currency in suburban Maryland. Perhaps the killer's British. Perhaps he's a Gilbert and Sullivan fan. Perhaps he's a troubled loner trying to sound like an Islamic terrorist. Or perhaps he's an Islamic terrorist trying to sound like a troubled loner.

My advice: Don't watch TV news. Don't watch TV news analysis talk shows. Don't follow this story unless you are in the Washington DC area and want to know what sorts of locations the killer chooses to shoot at victims. If the killer(s) keep carrying out shootings the police will catch who is doing it eventually.

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