2002 October 21 Monday
Christopher Hitchens: So Long, Fellow Travelers

Christopher Hitchens has written another excellent essay about the values and beliefs of the anti-war Left. Be sure to read the whole thing:

Instead of internationalism, we find among the Left now a sort of affectless, neutralist, smirking isolationism. In this moral universe, the views of the corrupt and conservative Jacques Chirac -- who built Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor, knowing what he wanted it for -- carry more weight than those of persecuted Iraqi democrats. In this moral universe, the figure of Jimmy Carter -- who incited Saddam to attack Iran in 1980, without any U.N. or congressional consultation that I can remember -- is considered axiomatically more statesmanlike than Bush.

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Scott Gletty-Syoen said at October 22, 2002 6:24 AM:

Thank God for Hitchens. 'nuff said.

Art Victor said at July 14, 2005 12:53 PM:

As a life-long old (age 75) 'Leftie'-( deemed a 'security risk' while in the Army in Korean War days, anti-McCarthyism, a demonstrator at Civil Rights marches, etc. etc.) I also now count myself among those alienated from the 'loony left', anti-war 'peacenik' ideologues. It is strange, the Left lionizes people like George Orwell and Arthur Koestler who volunteered to fight Fascism in the Spanish Civil War. They both turned against totalitarian Communism as well as Fascism, hated cant. I wonder why the oh-so-rightious fellows on the Left are not forming today's Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight against Islamic Fascism -totalitarianism? It is a puzzlement.

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