2002 October 21 Monday
US IDs Top Dozen Saudi Al Qaeda Financial Supporters

The US isn't even bothering to approach the Saudis with this information. Instead, Treasury undersecretary Jimmy Gurule is travelling to Europe to ask the Europeans to sieze the assets of these Saudis:

The official said most of the alleged financiers are wealthy Saudi bankers and businessmen. Because the Saudi government has previously proven uncooperative in confronting its prominent citizens about links to terror, the United States has not yet sought its help in the new effort, officials said.

Instead, the government hopes to freeze their assets in Europe, where the Saudi financial and business empires have much of their money, and put together the broadest possible consensus to demand that the Saudi government crack down on the alleged terror financiers, they said.

This speaks volumes about the Bush Administration's view of the Saudis. A lot of people fault the Bushies for not criticising the Saudis more. I'm not convinced that the reasons most often cited for the lack of criticisim (Bush family oil ties to Saudi Arabia, Bush Administration naivete about the threat posed by the Saudis, influential Americans who are paid to lobby for the Saudis) are the reason why the Bush Administration is quiet on this. It seems a more reasonable explanation is that the US military needs to operate in the Persian Gulf region in order to invade Iraq and that the Bush Administration needs to avoid saying anything that would make either the Saudi or Iranian regime believe that they are next. Once the US military is firmly established in Iraq then I expect that either the Saudis or the Iranians are going to feel the heat turned up on them.

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