2002 October 17 Thursday
Volokh on Mandatory Multilateralism and Avoiding Hatred

Eugene Volokh has written an excellent post on why a combination of a US strategy of mandatory multilateralism (ie allowing some other countries veto over our actions) and a strategy to avoid discontent and hatred on the part of countries which hold veto power over the US (most obviously UN Security Council permanent members or on the part of any countries who we effectively allow to veto our use of military force) would inevitably lead to disaster. Any country that holds veto power over US actions which also wants to avoid hatred directed at it for its own actions would have a strong incentive to veto any US action because otherwise to okay the action would bring hatred down upon it from US enemies. I strongly urge you all to read the full argument on the Volokh Conspiracy blog. As Eugene points out, there are already arguments being made (eg most recently by Australian Leftists in response to the Bali bombing; but countless others have made similar arguments since 9/11) that supporting US actions brings retaliation upon any country that does so.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 October 17 02:31 PM  UN, International Institutions


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