2002 October 17 Thursday
Iraq Will Not Be Partitioned

High level Bush Administration diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad answered questions about the Bush Administration's plans for post-war Iraq. From his answers it seems clear that the Bush Administration does not plan to partition Iraq:

With regard to future challenges, specifically we believe that three sets of challenges would lie ahead. First, there will be the political reconstruction of Iraq. This will involve thorough reform of the government, de-Baathizing Iraq, removing those elements used by Saddam to enforce his tyranny on the Iraqi people. Officials found guilty of crimes against humanity will be prosecuted.

The larger issue of transitional justice will be settled by the Iraqi people.

With regard to economic reconstruction, the economy, too, will need to be reformed to put Iraq on the path to prosperity. The U.S. is committed to ensuring the Iraqi people's oil patrimony will be used to meet the economic and reconstruction needs of the Iraqi people.

With regard to security reconstruction, Iraq's international borders will be protected and respected. Security inside Iraq will be critical. The violence inflicted by Saddam on Iraq's people have left serious scars. These problems need to be resolved by a reformed Iraqi judicial system, not by gun. Iraq after Saddam will have the rule of law, not the rule of gun.

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Jim Powers said at December 4, 2002 7:56 PM:

Consider the stabilizing influence of a cashless monetary system as described herin. Consider the benefits of carving Iraq into Palestinian and Kurdish homelands and enlargements of neighboring states.


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