2002 October 16 Wednesday
UN Security Council Deadlocked On Iraq

Its pretty simple as I see it: If the US goes along with the French proposal for two resolutions where only the second resolution authorizes force then the French, Chinese or Russians will veto the second resolution:

The problem, a diplomat said, is one of trust. The French do not believe assurances that the Americans will not jump the gun with an invasion if attack authorization is included in the same resolution as new inspections. The Americans, this official and others said, believe the French are simply looking for a way to slow down, and even stop, the logical result of Iraqi noncooperation.

If the US goes along with the proposal that the head of the UNMOVIC inspection team gets to decide when Iraq is not complying with the inspection terms then Hans Blix will probably find reasons to keep delaying the point of making that decision.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 October 16 11:03 AM  UN, International Institutions


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