2002 October 16 Wednesday
James Hoagland On Benefits Of Measured, Just Wars

In an essay about French-American military cooperation in West Africa James Hoagland makes the case for the constructive uses of war:

It is not surprising that this moral monster does not want to be done unto as he has done to others. He knows the consequences of violence firsthand. But it is surprising that he has found diplomats, politicians, moralists and others in the West to make the case for him that the use of force can only bring greater disaster and suffering to Iraq and the world. They seem to reject out of hand the possibility that the intelligent use of military force to stop a mass murderer can create positive gains for the world.

History says otherwise, from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to Taliban Afghanistan. Capitalism is frequently described as creative destruction. Peace could equally be said to be a set of values and a condition of security that emerge from measured and just wars. Stability is won at least as often by such campaigns as by diplomatic compromise and evasion.

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