2002 October 15 Tuesday
About The Japanese Abducted By North Korea

The absolutely staggering thing about the five Japanese who were abducted by the North Korean government is that they are not allowed to stay in Japan now that they have been allowed to return. Their kids are being used as hostages. If they don't return will their kids be tortured or starved or killed outright? Will the Japanese government force them to return if they don't want to? When will all the usual suspects on the Left speak out about the monstrousness of the North Korean regime's continued behavior in this matter?

The five -- who were not allowed to bring their children with them and who are expected to return to North Korea in about 10 days -- all wore North Korean flag pins in their lapels and spoke only a few carefully chosen words.

I recall the outrage from the Left in America and from assorted condescending European intellectuals when George W. Bush labelled North Korea as part of an Axis of Evil. His statement was supposedly simplistic. Well, sometimes the true is really simple. Sometimes the truth stares us in the face. North Korea has been holding kidnapped foreign nationals for decades, has finally admitted to it (though its probably lying about how many were kidnapped and perhaps about how many are stiill alove) and yet the North Korean regime still isn't just letting the poor victims go. These victims are still diplomatic pawns being used to try to extort aid from Japan. The fact that the North Korean regime is holding the children of these Japanese kidnap victims to force them to return back into the hellhole that is North Korea is all the proof I need that North Korea's regime is evil. How about you?

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