2002 October 13 Sunday
Mark Steyn: Great Figures of UK Politics

In the Sunday Telegraph (requires free registration) Mark Steyn sets great historical British politicians to task of trying help the current Tories. Some of its kinda obscure if you don't follow UK politics closely. But its still weird whether you understand it or not:

There was a huge snort from across the room and Sir Winston hurled his cigar at Harold. "What d'you think of this? 'I have nothing to offer but smack, crack, E and selected solvents, available at our souvenir stand, open throughout the conference.' Best I can do at short notice, I'm afraid."

Theresa stuck her head around the door. "Who ordered a G&T?"

"I did," roared Winston. "About bloody time, too." He seemed a little startled as the Gay & Transgendered research assistant came in, told him to put out the cigar and began crossing out large chunks of the speech.

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