2002 October 12 Saturday
Richard Spertzel: On WMD Iraq Has Gotten Worse

Richard Spertzel formerly was head of the UNSCOM bioweapons inspection team in Iraq. Spertzel believes the Iraqis are not only developing bioweapons but have also developed the ability to make their own equipment and growth media. So Iraqi regime can do a lot of development work on biological WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) without leaving a trail of international equipment purchases that provide evidence for their activities. Spertzel does not believe that inspections can succeed as long as Iraq continues to pursue WMD development:

Last week, Dr. Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector for UNMOVIC (the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission), met in Vienna with officials responsible for Iraq's chemical, biological, and missile programs. Allegedly coming from this meeting was an agreement for unfettered access to all sites except Saddam's palaces. Barely had the meeting ended when Iraq's foreign minister added, "Iraq, of course, has a right to its sovereignty and dignity" a statement with which most might agree. It's also, however, the statement that in the past has most often been heard when a United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) team wanted to conduct an inspection to which Iraq was not amenable. To better understand this nuance, one needs to examine Iraq's attitude in recent years an attitude that has changed for the worse.

For those who haven't read my previous posts on the subject of inspections:

Spertzel has previously stated that the UN Security Council undermined the previous inspection regime. Spertzel believes UNMOVIC doesn't have a chance. You can read Spertzel's rather more lengthy Congressional testimony about inspections and Iraqi WMD programs.

You can also read the UNSCOM inspector Charles Duelfer how dedicated the Iraqi leadership is to possession of WMD and on the Iraqi regime's pursuit of biological WMD that can be used without leaving evidence that can be traced back to Iraq.

Former UNSCOM inspector David Kay describes how the Iraqi regime treated the UNSCOM inspectors.

Brink Lindsey believes inspections regimes are doomed to fail.

The US Department of Defense has described how the Iraqi regime hides its weapons, how it resists inspections, and how much it lies about what it does.

UNMOVIC isn't going to work. Read Gary Milhollin and Kelly Motz on the reasons why. More on UNMOVIC here and here and here.

Saddam's regime is buying WMD technology from Belarus and Ukraine.

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