2002 October 11 Friday
What Russia Wants from US For Iraq War Support

This article was originally in the Moscow Times in June 2002. It lays in some detail just how much the Russian government's position on war against Saddam Hussein's regime is dependent on what is in it for Russia. As I've already posted here and here, oil prices, oil field development contracts, and Iraqi debts to Russia are major Russian concerns. My guess is that Bush will offer the Russians many of the things they want in exchange for Russia's dropping all opposition to an attack on Saddam's regime:

Chief among Russia's needs, he said, are U.S. assistance in isolating Chechen rebels in the international arena and the lifting of an informal ban on sales of Russian weapons to NATO member states.

Other analysts named debt relief and entry into the World Trade Organization as priorities.

For the Kremlin to get what it wants, its best bet is to provide passive support for the U.S.-led coalition to counter terrorism, said Vyacheslav Nikonov, head of the Politika think tank.

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