2002 October 11 Friday
Colby Cosh Responds On Canadian Economy

In response to a previous post I made on the subject of Canadian living standards versus the USA the Canadian blogger Colby Cosh has chipped in with his thoughts. This is obviously a subject he has thought a lot about and he has a previous article from August 2002 which is a pretty vigorous rant on the subject. That article links to an excellent graph that provides a good summary at a glance of how Canada's per capita income is doing versus America's. The short answer: the USA-Canada living standard gap is not closing and may even continue to widen. Well bummer Canadian dudes.

Colby comes across as fairly pessimistic (and not a little bit frustrated) about the prospects of Canada's political and opinion-making elites becoming willing to admit to the causes of this poor economic performance let alone deciding to make the necessary policy changes (ie the standard reductions in regulatory, economic engineering, social engineering, and tax burdens that all good capitalists advocate). Well, since I'm not a Clintonite I'm not going to say "I feel your pain". But I sympathize with your plight. Canada's economy ought to be able to grow more rapidly and Canada's living standard ought to be able to rise to a level that is closer to that of the USA. But a lot of watered down socialism is holding it back. The root of this problem exists in the minds of a Canadian populace to whom Al Gore would seem like a right-wing candidate. The solution has to begin with better publicity about the causes of the differences and the extent of the differences. Canadian bloggers need to rise to the challenge and publish a continuous stream of links to relevant information with cutting commentary.

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Sherrie said at October 1, 2004 8:25 AM:

Is it true that housing is issued in Canada and health insurance or healthcare is provided by the government?

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