2002 October 11 Friday
David Pryce-Jones on Albert Speer

David Pryce-Jones has an essay in The New Criterion entitled Albert Speer: the good Nazi? in which he writes about his own meeting with Speer in 1974 as well as the writings of various authors on Speer. He brings up a fairly new book by Joachim Fest Speer: The Final Verdict (note: I think Amazon has left off the "The Final Verdict" part of the title). Here is an excerpt of Pryce-Jones on the Fest book:

Joachim Fest is the author of one of the most authoritative biographies of Hitler, and in this judicious, comprehensive, and well-written (and well translated) new book[1] he now has the last word on Speer. He gives credit to the idea that Hitler and Speer saw in one another the fulfillment of their most profound aspirations. ďIíll sign anything that comes from you,Ē Hitler said to Speer, which, as Fest observes, was a carte blanche he gave to nobody else. They were two of a kind in their lack of ordinary human responses. So distant was Speer that his wife could bitterly remark that she intended to telephone him announcing that Frau Speer wished to speak to Herr Speer. He could not break through emotionally to his children. In Festís words, he was a man of many abilities, but no qualities.

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