2002 October 10 Thursday
Thomas von der Osten-Sacken on Iraq

German Marxist journalist and human rights activist Thomas von der Osten-Sacken is interviewed about the Middle East. Note that he has done social work in Iraq and has first hand experience with Saddam's regime:

"The most regressive and dangerous elements in the Arab and Islamic world depend on Saddam Hussein. Really toppling Saddam Hussein means uprooting the Ba'ath regime, with the help of the Iraqi people. This would give the final blow to pan-Arabism in the Middle East. Syria and a lot of very radical factions in Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and the Gulf states would be affected. These factions look up to Saddam Hussein as a pan-Arabist, anti-imperialist hero - although he is anti-imperialist in the tradition of the Nazis, not the left. Also, Saddam is financing organizations like the Arab Liberation Front in Palestine, which is a Ba'ath organization. He is paying the families of suicide attackers. He is directly and indirectly responsible for a lot of terrorism in the Middle East."

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K laus P D said at November 20, 2002 2:28 AM:

Mr. von der Sacken Osten is a german journalist, but not a marxist. A marxist analyzes, who has the power in the world, and which is the real own position and which are the own interests in the world.

Sadam is not a nice guy. But this is a triviality. Maybe he is dangerous for the middle east. But - dangerous for the peace of the world are the western imperialistic nations, first of all the mighty USA. They are responsible for a system, that of suffer most of the people, even me, a german worker.

But Sir von der Osten-Sacken asks, who is the worst man on world and who maybe the power to eliminate him. That is a question for bad movies. Therefore Sir von der Osten-Sacken is a bad poet.

Bernhard von Schwerin said at March 28, 2006 8:40 PM:

Thomas: You seem like an interesting person.
I agree with your view on Iraq and also see in GW the new imperialist. Unfortunately we'll probably not get rid of him for a while. Too bad really. But let's face it, his henchmen aren't any better.
Haven't we been through all this before?
As an aside: Are you related to an Osten-Sacken, who served in WW2 in the 5th Panzer Regiment out of Neuruppin? His father was a general, and he must have been born around 1927?
We were close friends and shared the same room.
I have no iea if you are German or not, but I did leave Germany in 1951
Let me know if you know him, will you please?
Bernie von Schwerin

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