2002 October 10 Thursday
John Derbyshire on UK Democracy

I think its pretty pathetic that a country's chattering class would actually take a UN report about child spanking seriously:

There was a revealing little glimpse of the country's ever-feebler attachment to democracy when the United Nations issued a report criticizing England and Wales for permitting parents to physically chastise their children. (In Scotland, which has a different legal system, spanking is already illegal.) Instead of telling the U.N. busybody to go have relations with a flying Lifesaver, as the spokesman of a confident and psychologically healthy nation would, the British minister charged with responding to this sinister little impertinence merely whimpered that the government was doing its best, that more certainly needed to be done, that progress was being made... It is easy, and pleasant, to imagine how Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher would have reacted. But there are no Churchills or Thatchers in Britain today, and any such person who showed up would never be permitted to rise in any current political party.

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