2002 October 09 Wednesday
Miss America Not Supposed To Promote Chastity

The Washington Times headline is "Miss America told to zip it on chastity talk". Zip it? Okay, I don't get it. Does a chastity belt have a zipper? I always thought they came with some strong metal locking mechanism. Am I wrong to think that these pageant officials are making themselves look like fools?

Miss America 2003, Erika Harold, yesterday said pageant officials have ordered her not to talk publicly about sexual abstinence, a cause she has advocated to teenage girls in Illinois.

"Quite frankly, and I'm not going to be specific, there are pressures from some sides to not promote [abstinence]," the 22-year-old woman from Urbana, Ill., told The Washington Times.

Next up: Tell her she can't discourage single teen pregnancy, drug use, dropping out of high school, cigarette smoking, or prostitution (its a lifestyle choice after all). But why stop there? I say she should not advocate daily prayers, honesty, junk food avoidance, or brushing your teeth after every meal. After all, these are all value-laden choices and who is Miss America to be getting off telling anyone else about what values are important? Its not like she'e supposed to set any kind of example or try to encourage people to live better lives. She's just a tool of white male patriarchal oppression. But who manipulates the tool? The pageant officials? Okay, I'm confused now. If they are telling her what to do then are they the oppressors?

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