2002 October 09 Wednesday
Men can raise their testosterone to increase fertility

Fascinating study out of Portugal finds a link between sexual activity and testosterone levels that is especially pronounced in men who are trying to make their mates pregnant:

All the men had different patterns of testosterone peaks and troughs over the period. But in men trying for a baby, peaks in testosterone levels coincided far more often with periods of intense sexual activity. Hirschenhauser says the finding shows men can subconsciously influence their hormone levels. "Males can be responsive to their partners, but only if they want to be," she says.

So which head is giving the orders to raise testosterone?

They say peaks in testosterone coincide more often with periods of intense sexual activity in would-be fathers.

Co-ordinating sex with peaks in testosterone levels makes sense for men wanting to be fathers, as it triggers sperm production, making conception more likely.

Its possible this is indicative of a male response to the scent or fluid secretion of hormones given off by a fertile female. Or the rise in hormones could be due to a subconscious cue that results in a signal being sent down into the endocrine system.

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