2002 October 09 Wednesday
Transparency International Corruption Index

Transparency International makes a Global Corruption Report which can be downloaded as a set of PDF files.

They have a Bribe Payers Index which measures the willingness of business representatives from various countries to pay bribes in less developed countries. Read the summary with a link to the full report. The 2002 summary has 15 countries ranked from best (Australia) to worst (Russia).

To measure domestic corruption within countries Transparency International has developed a Corruption Perceptions Index. A perfect 10 indicates enormous purity and virtue. A fallen 0 indicates you've sold your soul to the devil. You can read the 2002 summary with 102 countries ranked in a table here. Finland (9.7) has the least amount of corruption by their measure. It is followed by Denmark (9.5), New Zealand (9.5), Iceland (9.4), Singapore (9.3), and Sweden (9.3). Down at the bottom we find Indonesia (1.9), Kenya (1.9), Angola (1.7), Madagascar (1.7), Paraguay (1.7), Nigeria (1.6), and Bangladesh (1.2) is the worst.

Other countries of interest include UK (8.7), USA (7.7), Germany (7.3), Israel (7.3), Japan (7.1), France (6.3), Taiwan (5.6), Italy (5.2), Brazil (4.0), Turkey (4.0), China (3.5), and Russia (2.7). Looking at this chart it becomes clear that one problem the EU faces is that its expansion south and east is causing it to take in new members that are more corrupt than the EU average. It already appears from this table that the EU as a whole must have a lower index score than the USA. So corruption is a serious EU problem.

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