2002 October 08 Tuesday
INS failing to deport Alien Criminals

Jerry Seper has an another interesting article on the immigration issues:

Inspector General Glenn A. Fine said the INS is not able to identify and process deportable inmates and that several illegal immigrants improperly released have gone on to commit additional crimes. He said INS interviews of foreign-born inmates to determine their deportability were "minimal to nonexistent," particularly at the county level.

"We found that many potentially deportable foreign-born inmates passed through county jails virtually undetected," he said.

Chronic vacancies involving INS immigration agents have hampered agency efforts to identify criminal inmates, the audit said, noting that INS employees assigned to the removal program are often reassigned at the district management's discretion to any one of several competing priorities, such as employer sanctions, anti-smuggling and fraud.

Once someone has permanent residency in the US can the permanent residency status be revoked as a result of criminal behavior? Are these deportations only done to illegals?

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