2002 October 06 Sunday
Bill Clinton wants to be Tony Blair when he grows up

Bill Clinton just gave a speech at the UK Labour Party conference, Winter Gardens, Blackpool in which he said:

When the Prime Minister spoke I was in London still and I watched it on television, as I have most of this Conference. Let me just get off the script here, by the way, and say I love these party Conferences. I wish we had them in America because every year you get to have your say, the Tories get to have theirs, they are widely covered, and I get to know about people I would not know about otherwise doing things that I would not know.

I saw your speakers this morning expressing compassion about education and the rights of working people. I saw Gordon Brown's speech which thoroughly and for ever disabused the Conservatives of the notion that the centre left cannot be troubled or trusted to manage the economy. And when the Prime Minister spoke yesterday I thought to myself, "I hope I'll be able to give a speech like that when I grow up". It was just unbelievable.

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