2002 October 03 Thursday
W.R. Mead on the Consistency of Bush Foreign Policy

Walter Russell Mead (he the author of Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How it Changed the World) has written a column in the Financial Times of London on the consistency of US foreign policy in the Bush Administration. The article goes on to describe just what is Rice's policy that Bush is closely following:

In the US and abroad, the consensus view of the Bush administration's foreign policy is twofold. First, it is shaped by a conflict between the liberal multilateralism of Colin Powell, secretary of state, and the conservative unilateralism of Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defence. Second, it constitutes a radical departure from the foreign policy of past administrations.

Wrong on both counts. Despite the public disagreements between the Pentagon and the State Department, the most striking thing about this administration's foreign policy is its intellectual consistency. The ideas that Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser, outlined in a Foreign Affairs article in 2000 shape the administration's foreign policy today. In particular, Ms Rice laid down an approach to multilateralism versus unilateralism to which the administration has returned at every important moment since - and that forms the basis of the new US national security strategy.

(found on Instapundit)

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