2002 October 02 Wednesday
Former UN Weapons Inspectors on Saddam Hussein

Margaret Wente of Canada's Globe And Mail has some great comments from some former UN Iraq weapons inspectors. She starts with Charles Duelfer, former UN' deputy chief weapons inspector in Iraq. Duelfer thinks a new inspections regime would fail. He also thinks we shouldn't assume that Saddam will make nuclear use calculations that we would make:

Okay, then. So what if Saddam gets nukes? He'd never dare to use them. Or so the peace faction says.

"We make the mistake of believing that he thinks like we do," said Mr. Duelfer. "But he believes that, if he had a nuke, then no one would threaten him. He knows he got it backward in 1990. He was six months away from having an atomic weapon when he invaded Kuwait. If he goes into Kuwait again, are we going to attack Baghdad if we think he will incinerate Tel Aviv?"

She also quotes Richard Spertzel and then David Kay:

David Kay, another former UN inspector, was in charge of nuclear weapons. "Saddam's Iraq was and is a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship that can survive as long as it maintains coercive power over its citizens," he testified before Congress last month. "Once Saddam's survival became a fact, all hope of his voluntarily yielding up the very weapons that allow him to hope to dominate the region was lost." Mr. Kay figures more delays only play into Saddam's hands.

Then she quotes Kenneth Pollack. Do go read the full article.

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