2002 October 01 Tuesday
David Warren on UN Resolution Bargaining Chips

David Warren, a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, argues that the negotiations about UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq is not chiefly about whether there should be one or two resolutions or even about the authorization for the use of force on the second resolution. The real secret discussions with China, France, and Russia are about what they might gain or lose by a fall of Saddam's regime.

The French, Russians, and Chinese, each among Saddam's major trading partners, and each owed billions by the present Iraqi regime, are thus each in a position to lose heavily if Saddam falls. It is among the reasons they feel uncomfortable with a resolution that Saddam could not possibly comply with -- since they know as well as anybody else that Saddam indeed harbours weapons of mass destruction.

From this I deduce that even more effort is being put into the terms of secret buy-offs, than into the exact configuration of the resolution text. If each of the veto powers are satisfied that their interests in Iraq can be transferred to any new regime, then it will be "all aboard". If they can't be satisfied, then one or more will pull the emergency cord before the train can leave station.

Russia in particular is looking for a green light from the Bush Administration for the invasion of Georgia (the one in the Caucasus of course). This is the business as usual at the international community's favorite institution that they want to use to restrain US cowboy unilateralism. Why do so many fools have more respect the UN as a legitimate institution to exercise power internationally than they do for the duly elected government of the United States? The UN is a creature of its membership. Most of its member states are at varying degrees of unfree, corrupt, and despotic. Even out of its 140 members which are nominal democracies only 82 are in any sense liberal democracies and that is by the UN's own reckoning.

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