2002 October 01 Tuesday
Euroweenie feelings are hurt

Fellow Americans you are very mean people:

Although the European Union is a baroque collection of institutions, regulations and formalism designed to transform narrow national interests into collective policies, feelings still count -- and European feelings have been badly bruised in recent months. The Europeans say the administration views them as "Euro wimps" who don't pull their weight militarily, and who prefer prevarication to plain-speaking and appeasement to action. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's recent appearance at a NATO meeting in Warsaw, during which he snubbed the German defense minister because of Schroeder's strong opposition to military action against Iraq, was the latest insult.

So let me get this straight: hurling insults at American unilateral Hitleresque cowboys is fair and justified but dare to snub a German defense minister and then important feelings will be quite hurt. American leaders and commentators are obviously a bunch of meanies. Okay, everyone clear on that? The Brussels Mandarins have very sensitive feelings. We must pursue a more gingerly foreign policy or they will feel really really hurt.

While they welcomed Bush's decision to seek a new U.N. Security Council resolution on weapons inspections -- and give Britain's Blair credit for helping guide Bush in that direction -- they fear that the administration is only using the council as justification for military action, and will go ahead even without U.N. assent.

"It was wholly legitimate for President Bush to go to the United Nations and to challenge the international community to make good on what it says it believes," said Patten. "But that's just not for one day. It's got to be for real."

A reality check is in order: By the UN what is meant is the UN Security Council. Well, that really breaks down into the 5 permanent voting members: France, China, Russia, US, UK. What about those 5? Well, the first 3 spent the 1990s gutting the Iraqi weapons inspection regime in collaboration with Saddam. Those 3 currently are opposed to making a more effective weapons inspection regime while the hosannah chorus of international institution lovers sing about the evils of unilateralism. Its really hard to take this kind of hypocrisy seriously and yet the EU mandarins whose feelings are hurt speak with seeming oblivion to their hypocrisy while they ignore the fundamental fact that the UN will act contrary to the needs of US national security.

Update: Just remembered one other thing about permanent UN Security Council member China: The USAF and RAF are busy trying to destroy the fiber optics network and radars that China sold to Saddam and helped him to install. This surely just scratches the surface of what those fine permanent UN Security Council members have been doing with Saddam over the last 10 years.

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