2002 September 27 Friday
Christopher Hitchens: Taking Sides

This is the final column that Hitchens will write for The Nation. He makes clear that he doesn't want to be a hostage to Saddam even via deterrence:

Another former friend of mine, Mazen Zahawi, was Saddam Hussein's interpreter until shortly after the Gulf War, when he was foully murdered and then denounced as a homosexual. I have known many regimes where stories of murder and disappearance are the common talk among the opposition; the Iraqi despotism is salient in that such horrors are also routine among its functionaries. Saddam Hussein likes to use as envoys the men he has morally destroyed; men who are sick with fear and humiliation, and whose families are hostages.

I don't particularly care, even in a small way, to be a hostage of Saddam Hussein myself. There is not the least doubt that he has acquired some of the means of genocide and hopes to collect some more; there is also not the least doubt that he is a sadistic megalomaniac.

I agree. I think most of us deserve to live in a world where weapons of mass destruction are not in the hands deluded brutal madmen.

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