2002 September 25 Wednesday
Bush to UN on Iraq because US isn't militarily ready yet?

This article argues that the UN negotiations over Iraq are in part a delaying tactic to give the military more time to prepare:

Western diplomatic sources said Bush's surprise call for the return of UN weapons inspectors stemmed from a recommendation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the United States required up to six more months to prepare for any war against the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The sources said U.S. Central Command was preoccupied with the war in Afghanistan and possessed insufficient assets, logistics, and supplies in countries that neighbor Iraq.

Another factor weighing in the balance is supposedly international support. I don't entirely buy this argument. It is likely the UN route was taken in part for the benefit of Tony Blair in his dealing with the left of his party. But if the Brits were more firmly on board I don't think the US would have seen as great a need for general international support. Besides, a number of countries have already signed on privately in various ways.

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