2002 September 24 Tuesday
Iranian Power Struggle Intensifying

The non-elected clerics have more power than the elected President Khatami and his VP. There are signs that the elected leaders of Iran are less opposed to regime change in Baghdad than the unelected theocrats:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's moderate President Mohammad Khatami is to present a bill to parliament on Tuesday to clarify his constitutional powers in a move that could lead to confrontation with his conservative rivals.

Khatami said last month he was ready to use all means, even a referendum if necessary, to assert his authority over hard-liners who have blocked and parried his stabs at reform.

Meanwhile, the VP Abtahi is sending ambiguous signals about Iran's position on Saddam's regime:

TEHRAN, Sept 24 (Reuters) - A top aide to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said on Tuesday the West should have dealt with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein decades ago.

But Vice-President Mohammad Ali Abtahi said Iran opposes any U.S. strike on its former foe, saying a war in the region would inflict great suffering on the Iraqi people.

Again, Abtahi on Iraqi regime change:

In a prime example of Iran's divided feelings about a possible second Gulf War in Iraq, Vice-President Mohammad Ali Abtahi criticised the "hegemonic and illegitimate wishes of the United States."

But, writing in the state owned Iran newspaper on Sunday, he also said Iran would "prefer the establishment of any regime in place of the present Iraqi regime."

On one hand the official Great Satan America would establish a new regime and have a lot of influence on Iran's border. Plus, a better regime in power in Iraq could become an unwelcome example of better government that the Iranian people would want to see emulated in Iran. On the other hand it was Saddam that caused them hundreds of thousands of dead in a lengthy war that Saddam started. On top of that there are the intrigues of internal Iranian politics between the elected and the theocratic leaders.

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