2002 September 22 Sunday
Elizabeth Nickson: Pacifism is Disguised Timidity

Canadian Elizabeth Nickson also thinks that Canadian Civilization (or probably all of Western Civilization) is suicidal:

We hate ourselves and we want to die. Little other explanation for not rethinking immigration, for warbling about human rights for prisoners whose stated wish is to kill us, and refusing to defend the women ritually beaten and killed in the Arab world every day. For passively allowing men like Saddam Hussein, whose stated aim is to acquire nuclear weapons to use against us, to stay in power. For not signing up to the most important cause of today.

The army is for peacekeeping. Saddam is misunderstood. We give welfare cheques to terrorists, and teach them to fly planes. We want our civilization to die.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 September 22 05:38 PM  Civilizations Decay

gary smith said at April 26, 2003 12:06 PM:

Thank god for someone like her. So many people cringe in the face of rational arguments. She gets a little dramatic at times, but relative to the crap coming from the left it's understandable.

jon said at March 20, 2004 3:17 PM:

In a recent article she says that the problems of overfishing could be solved by 'leasing the oceans'.
Any ideas or comments about how to achieve that?

Randall Parker said at March 20, 2004 3:31 PM:

jon, Property rights systems on fishing grounds have been implemented by New Zealand in the seas around New Zealand. The idea is that if some commercial group or company has exclusive access to some area to come back repeatedly over a period of years then they will not overfish in one year. Instead they will leave some of the fish to reproduce. This appears to be working.

See the articles from this google search of Reason's site.

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