2002 September 19 Thursday
N. Z. Bear lists moral arguments against Iraq attack

N.Z. Bear examines some of the arguments made against taking out Saddam's regime in Iraq. Go read the whole thing:

Moral Stance #2: We cannot act because our hearts are not pure (present tense).

Role Model: Robert Scheer, 8/6: "What the heck, let's bomb Baghdad. Sure, it's one of the more historically important cities in the world, and many of its more than 3 million inhabitants will probably end up as "collateral damage," but if George the Younger is determined to avenge his father and keep his standings in the polls, that's the price to be paid."

Advantages: Almost always handy, since as long as you can find some benefit to the United States in the action being proposed, you can accuse its proponents of acting in Naked Self-Interest. In the case of a politician, if the action is likely to be popular, you have a made-to-order accusation that they're simply doing it to beef up their poll numbers.

Disadvantages: Somebody may point out that the process by which politicians are influenced by the ignorant masses and act in a manner which they believe those masses will support (and thereby keep their "standings in the polls") is known as "representative democracy".

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