2002 September 19 Thursday
Egyptian newspaper outlines Israeli fears of Iran

If the US doesn't overthrow the Iranian regime then Israel will strike these Iranian facilities:

Sharon's Iranian fears have manifested themselves in Israeli defence planning. On becoming chief of Israeli military intelligence, General Haroun Raifi, began drawing up alternative scenarios for a "surgical" strike against Iranian nuclear reactors and medium-range missile plants. Detailed maps were prepared depicting such sites as the Bushehr reactor on the Persian Gulf. The Russian- made reactor, due for completion in 2005, is designed for electricity generation and water purification. To the east in Kum Maleksiam, near the border with Afghanistan, are the mines of Saghand in which experiments on uranium are thought to be conducted. Also pinpointed on the map are the 12-megawatt reactor built by the Shah and upgraded by the US in 1974, a Chinese-made uranium reactor for research in Banya Kargo, west of Tehran, and the 40 megawatt Chinese-supplied Moailem Kalayeh nuclear reactor northwest of Tehran. Moailem Kalayeh is the most up-to-date and fully equipped installation in the Iranian nuclear energy development programme. Also in Israeli cross hairs is the large Gorgan project in Mazandaran province.

So after the US and UK are in control of Iraq will Iran be next up in the crosshairs? If so, how soon? 2003 or 2004?
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