2002 September 19 Thursday
Lileks on the problem with weapons inspections

Lileks doesn't think they can work:

They can find the proof if they’re given unrestricted access to all of Iraq! In a best case scenario, this is like saying they can find the needle if they’re permitted to search the entire haystack - which, incidentally, is nine miles wide. (And part of it is on fire.) It almost sounds as if they believe the Marines will swarm over every installation simultaneously, kick down doors, and shoot anyone who fumbles with the keys for more than ten seconds.

I agree. The only way we can find all the weapons labs is to capture the country and interrogate the weapons labs workers and managers. Once they no longer are under the control of Saddam they will become very talkative very quickly.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 September 19 01:03 PM  Inspections and Sanctions


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