2002 September 19 Thursday
Out-of-body experience inducable with electrodes

The Daily Telegraph has the best write-up on this that I've found:

The brain centre was found an inch above and slightly behind the right ear by a neurologist, Dr Olaf Blanke, and colleagues at Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland. Exciting this spot - called the angular gyrus of her right cortex - repeatedly caused out-of-body experiences.

At low levels of stimulation, the patient felt as if she was sinking into the bed or falling. At high levels, "I see myself lying in bed, from above," she told them, adding that she felt as if she was levitating.

My guess is that people are seeing an imaginary image of their bodies. It would be interesting to test people in this induced state to see if they can see anything that they wouldn't be able to see from their own eyeballs.

See also this and this and this.

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