2002 September 18 Wednesday
American elite loses patience with European elite

UPI Correspondent Martin Walker describes an informal meeting between American, British and continental leaders at Ditchley in the UK:

"When the Europeans demand some sort of veto over American actions, or want us to subordinate our national interest to a UN mandate, they forget that we do not think their track record is too good," a senior U.S. diplomat said recently in private. "The Europeans told us they could win the Balkans wars all on their own. Wrong. They told us that the Russians would never accept National Missile Defense. Wrong. They said the Russians would never swallow NATO enlargement. Wrong. They told us 20 years ago that détente was the way to deal with what we foolishly called the Evil Empire. Wrong again. They complain about our Farm Bill when they are the world's biggest subsidizers of their agriculture. The Europeans are not just wrong; they are also hypocrites. They are wrong on Kyoto, wrong on Arafat, wrong on Iraq -- so why should we take seriously a single word they say?"

Track records really do need to be referred back to more often. Who made what prediction in the past and how right or wrong were they? Should their latest proclamations be taken seriously or are their track records so bad that they should be laughed off the stage?

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