2002 September 17 Tuesday
A web log run by US soldiers in Afghanistan

Check this out. Its a blog run by US military guys who are at a couple of bases in Afghanistan. Some are in Bagram. But the others are at a place called Camp Stronghold Freedom. It is not clear where exactly that is.

They are happily accepting donations from anyone who wants to send. See this message in particular for details of what and how to send.

Update: I think Camp Stronghold Freedom may actually be in a Central Asian Republic. At this URL he refers to local Soviet aircraft:

At 0100 we arrive at Camp Stronghold Freedom. This base shares an old Soviet Era air base with the local Air Force. Their pilots flying soviet made aircraft over the base awaken us many mornings. Itís cool to see some of the same aircraft we used those aircraft recognition cards to memorize years ago flying over, as friendlies. Our new life begins later that morning.

They appear to be reservists called up to do medical logistics support.

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