2002 September 17 Tuesday
Mark Steyn: A Clash Within Civilizations

Mark Steyn takes on the people who don't want us to defend ourselves:

This isn't a "clash of civilizations" so much as two clashes within civilizations -- in the West, between those who believe in the values of liberal democracy and those too numbed by multiculturalist bromides to recognize even the most direct assault on them; and in the Islamic world, between what's left of the moderate Muslim temperament and the Saudi-radicalized death-cult Islamists. Those Westerners who still believe in Western values have no problem supporting reform elements in Islam.

He also hazards a timetable for regime overthrow. I keep waiting for Libya to show up on the regime overthrow prediction lists because I believe the reports about its WMD development programs.

Within a year, Iraq will have a new government. Within two years, Iran will. Within five years, Syria. Within 10 years, "Saudi" Arabia will have ceased to exist in its present form. This is good news for Muslims.

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